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My name is Janyla Huey, I am 15 years old. I have had a strong passion for makeup for a very long time. I have literally always loved the art of it! My mom never allowed for me to wear it because I was so young. Growing up, I would always improvise with crazy things like using kool aid to make lipstick, vaseline as an eyebrow gel and other creative experiments.

Art is in my blood!#BabyBoss

Eventually around the age of 10 or 11 I was starting to get more into it. It took a lot of convincing but I finally got my mom to let me play around in it. I knew I wanted to be a makeup artist or something similar! Finally, my mom let me purchase makeup to start off. I started off with dollar tree mascara, highlighter and lip gloss, it was not the best, but it assisted me in my learning process. I used really cheap eyeshadow palettes to see what I could create with that. The final result would never turn out as good as I wanted, but it was always fun. My cousins let me practice my makeup craft on them when I didn’t even have the right tools for it. I would use q-tips as makeup brushes and even a black eyeshadow as a bronzer. I would watch plenty of youtube videos to get tips on makeup and eyeshadow. The very first serious eyeshadow palette I had ever got was the “Take Me Back to Brazil” palette. I saved up my money to buy it and I was extremely happy. After that I got more into eyeshadow and dramatic looks. I would watch a lot of youtube videos on makeup and eyeshadow.

My family is very supportive!

I practiced my craft often and eventually got really good at it. Whenever I was bored I would just see what I could create. Sometimes it would be a flop but I would always learn from it and improve in the areas that were not a success. My love for makeup grew and is now stronger than ever, and I have tons of products! I started to work with foundation and more facial products. I learned what did and did not work for me and eventually it came effortlessly. I now pour my all into my business and marketing. My journey started off with lipgloss and now I am working on lashes and my clientele is growing!

Artist, Model, Founder and CEO of JayHuey Cosmetics #YouthBoss

My purpose for writing this blog is to inspire youth of all ages to work hard for what you want! Understand that success does not come overnight, but the small things you do for your business will be the drive toward the long term results you desire. Thank you Free Your Wings, Inc. for allowing me to use my voice and push my craft! 

And did I mention that I do my moms makeup now!??? #BOOM
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